Be an angel!

I’m proud to announce that the End Animal Slavery Campaign is now operated by the newly founded, Angel of the Animals! The heart of this organization is to promote compassionate education for all ages, support conservation and animal rescue efforts, and help people get active in their community! Being an angel is easy, and anyone can do it! Whether it’s choosing compassionate entertainment that respects the natural behaviors of animals, cleaning up your beach, or purchasing fair trade and cruelty-free products, you can be an angel! Visit to find out more! Hanalaeh

A True Dolphin Show


Last night I was captivated watching these happy dolphins play together with their pod. They are such intelligent, sentient beings swimming miles and miles per day and perfecting the art of surfing better than any human ever could. Watching them charge and leap over the waves with their friends is totally relatable and brings me to ponder how taking them from their habitat to perform for tourists is acceptable. Even breeding programs don’t help the ocean populations. True benefit to ocean mammals comes in fighting to save their habitat, stopping over fishing practices, and changing legislation to stop things like poaching and wildlife trade, not breeding them in tanks. They deserve better and so do our future generations. You can take the pledge to not buy a ticket and be an angel of these amazing creatures. 📷 @angel_of_the_animals @keiko_conservation @emptythetanksworldwide @dolphin_project #emptythetanks #dontbuyaticket #dolphins #conservation #respect #compassion @ Newport Beach, California

An Elephant’s Story is Now Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Global Book Stores

Book Cover

I am so pleased to be able to share this story with the world. Although I created this picture book with young people in mind, adults are loving it too! Please help get the word out by sharing this book with your friends and family. Don’t forget to leave a review if you purchase online! May you be blessed as you begin to see the world from the eyes of an elephant.

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Steve Adam Gallery & 365 Art for Wildlife

365 Art for Wildlife

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Adam, a talented coastal abstract artist that shares my heart for wildlife. I was not only amazed by his modern designs on canvas, wood, surfboards, and skateboards, but I was inspired by his work for the elephants and rhinos.

Steve often donates large portions of his proceeds from auctions and other projects to credible organizations that are fighting for the welfare of these beautiful and highly threatened animals. I am so honored to be working with Steve and his beautiful gallery nestled in a rad little nook in Laguna Beach, CA. If you’re interested in his work and the organizations he donates to, please visit his website: Steve Adam Gallery

Saving the Survivors and Different Rhythm Foundation are just two of the many wonderful organizations he donates to. Saving the Survivors takes care of the wounded rhinos that have survived poaching. DRF aids in the rehabilitation of all affected by the perils of poaching and unrest and involves intel, security, tracking, and guardianship.

We must work together to fight poaching. The need is urgent, and the victims are many.

The Truth Behind the Tiger Selfie

For tigers to be used in global petting operations, here’s what MUST happen:

1. They must be separated from their mother very young and raised by a human. Or even worse, some ops are known to drug the tigers.
2. They must be trained with some sort of painful consequence in order to control them when they’re large and being used for selfies, (using that weapon/stick as a constant reminder.)
3. The majority spend their entire life in a cage and never get to roam free and run.
4. They will never be able to be released back into the wild, thus doing nothing for conservation, except creating a cruel, exploitive cycle for profit.

For more details and to visit the full article:

Click here



Elephant Sanctuary Scams in Asia

Unfortunately, many tourists unknowingly contribute to the plight of the elephant and its suffering while visiting parks on vacation that claim to be a sanctuary or rescue. The truth is many of these elephants suffer in chains apart from their mothers and are part of a larger industry that requires young elephants to be broken or “crushed” in an extremely painful ritual. It’s also known as “phajaan.” If you’re not sure if a sanctuary you’re visiting is ethical, here are some suggestions to make sure your money isn’t contributing to their suffering. Check the GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) website which is a database full of accredited sanctuaries. Upon visiting ask yourself these questions, which pose red flags:

Are the elephants interacting with humans all day long 7 days a week?

Are they kept in chains and dominated by hooked sticks?

Are the needs and interest of the elephant number one, or are the tourists’?

Are the elephants being ridden?

DO NOT support any park that involves riding or chains. Elephants are highly intelligent, social, and emotional. For more information  visit: this article