Steve Adam Gallery & 365 Art for Wildlife

365 Art for Wildlife

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Adam, a talented coastal abstract artist that shares my heart for wildlife. I was not only amazed by his modern designs on canvas, wood, surfboards, and skateboards, but I was inspired by his work for the elephants and rhinos.

Steve often donates large portions of his proceeds from auctions and other projects to credible organizations that are fighting for the welfare of these beautiful and highly threatened animals. I am so honored to be working with Steve and his beautiful gallery nestled in a rad little nook in Laguna Beach, CA. If you’re interested in his work and the organizations he donates to, please visit his website: Steve Adam Gallery

Saving the Survivors and Different Rhythm Foundation are just two of the many wonderful organizations he donates to. Saving the Survivors takes care of the wounded rhinos that have survived poaching. DRF aids in the rehabilitation of all affected by the perils of poaching and unrest and involves intel, security, tracking, and guardianship.

We must work together to fight poaching. The need is urgent, and the victims are many.

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