A True Dolphin Show


Last night I was captivated watching these happy dolphins play together with their pod. They are such intelligent, sentient beings swimming miles and miles per day and perfecting the art of surfing better than any human ever could. Watching them charge and leap over the waves with their friends is totally relatable and brings me to ponder how taking them from their habitat to perform for tourists is acceptable. Even breeding programs don’t help the ocean populations. True benefit to ocean mammals comes in fighting to save their habitat, stopping over fishing practices, and changing legislation to stop things like poaching and wildlife trade, not breeding them in tanks. They deserve better and so do our future generations. You can take the pledge to not buy a ticket and be an angel of these amazing creatures. 📷 @angel_of_the_animals @keiko_conservation @emptythetanksworldwide @dolphin_project #emptythetanks #dontbuyaticket #dolphins #conservation #respect #compassion @ Newport Beach, California

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